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The Bachelor

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The new season of The Bachelor premiered last night on ABC and I have to admit that I was super excited (Chris on the other hand was not). Each season brings it’s set of characters and this was no different. A girl rode in on a horse, one brought her grandma, one fed him candy blindfolded and there were plenty of crazies. I’m looking forward to the episode when the girls that were obviously picked for the show for ratings are all gone and only the “normal” ones are left.

I don’t know why I enjoy watching this show so much but I can’t help myself. It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Very rarely does the “love” the bachelor, or bachelorette, finds last but I find myself rooting for them in the end. I hope it works out for Ben!

Are there any shows that you would consider a guilty pleasure for you?


2 thoughts on “The Bachelor”

  1. How ’bout the girl who made him use hand sanitizer and breath spray!? Yiiiikes. I’d say the 14.5 million episodes of Say Yes to the Dress that I find myself watching (Q4 anyone?) is a guilty pleasure of mine.

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