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Water bottle = office staple

I completely forgot my water bottle at home this morning so I didn’t have one at work today. Because of that it took a lot more effort to make sure I was getting enough water. I’ve been much more conscious about how much water I’m drinking since I’ve started this new fitness regiment and having a large water-glass at work helps.

I find that if I just have a small glass that I need to keep refilling I don’t get up and fill it as often as I should. Today I actually made marks on my cup to make sure I was filling up when I needed to.

Wendy's cup with tally marks
My cup for the day

That may have worked but I don’t want to forget my glass again tomorrow. I’ve been using this 20 oz. Caribou cup and it’s great! I’ve been drinking a ton more water and haven’t had any pop in over a week.

Caribou cool drink cup
My new staple for the office

On a side note, I had a great trip to the gym tonight. I am completely loving this new routine of mine!


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