BRR 2012

My mom has participated in RAGBRAI the past two years, my aunt joined in last year and this year Chris is going to take the week long trek across Iowa with them. To have a little fun this winter and get some riding in, the three of them decided to ride BRR (Bike Ride to Rippey) a couple weekends ago. It was a relatively short route from Perry to Rippey and back, and with the extremely mild winter we’ve been having it seemed like it would be a breeze. Of course the day of the ride we ended up getting around 9 inches of snow. They stuck with it though and made the cold wet ride.

standing by their bikes
Before leaving Perry (Aunt Mary Ann, Chris, Mom)
Aunt Mary Ann, Chris and Mom
They made it!
Chris with ice in his hair
Chris had a huge chunk of ice in his hair when they got to Rippey. This is after it melted quite a bit.

I had no idea that there were so many organized bike rides throughout the year. Chris and I are already planning to do one in June and I’m sure there will be some more this spring. Check out Bike Iowa for a complete list of rides.


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