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My Fitness Pal

When I started concentrating more on my fitness, I decided I wanted a way to easily track what I was eating and how many calories I was burning when I exercised. I tried a couple different apps but I settled on MyFitnessPal. Now I am absolutely in love with it and I use it everyday. I can track everything on my phone, iPad or on my computer and it all syncs up. I can also look up all kinds of food and on the rare occasion something I’m having isn’t in the app, it is very easy to add it.

My fitness pal screen shots
MyFitnessPal dashboards on the iPhone, iPad and online

Another great feature of this app is that you can connect with other people. It helps keep me accountable with everything I’m eating and making it to the gym. Chris and I are both using MyFitnessPal so it’s a great way to encourage and support each other.

I would say if you’re looking for a way to journal your calories and exercise, this is the app to get. And it’s free!


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