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This weekend Gabby and Kevin were in Chicago so Chris and I took care of their puppy, Gracie.

Golden Retrievers

Calie and Gracie literally ran around all weekend. They had so much fun together! Calie is usually around older dogs so she really enjoyed running around with another puppy.

Dogs running in the yard
They were literally a blur running around the yard all weekend.
Sleepy puppies
Sleepy puppies

It wasn’t until Sunday evening that they finally just laid down. I know Calie slept really well last night and I bet Gracie did too.

Taco salads
Chris and I decided to have a little fiesta to end the weekend. We blended some margaritas and made some taco salads. Our taco salads aren’t fancy by any means but they were great. I make them like I used to do living in the sorority house.

Ground beef
One packet of taco seasoning
Shredded cheese
Black olives (for Chris)

Cook the ground beef and add the taco seasoning per the directions on the package. Pile everything on top of the Doritos 🙂 

taco salads

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