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Motivational Monday!

Welcome to the first installment of Motivational Monday! I know it’s a little corny but sometimes you just need a little pick me up at the beginning of the work week. These posts may contain quotes, photos, and a lot of images I’ve found lately on Pinterest. So here we go!

worrying will never change the outcome(Original image found here)

This is something that I definitely need to keep in mind in the coming weeks. I’ve always been a huge worry wort. I worry about everything, including things that are completely out of my control. This of course just causes more stress and that’s never good. So I’m going to focus on not worrying so much and just do what I can do.

Even though this is the first official Motivational Monday post, here is another post you may be interested in. If you have any quotes or images that you would like to see featured on Motivational Monday, please send them to piecesofjess@gmail.com.

Would you consider yourself a worry wort?
Where do you find motivation? 


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