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Hobo Dinners

One of my favorite meals is Hobo Dinners. I always loved when my mom would make them and it was one of the first recipes I asked her for when I moved out on my own. It was beautiful out last night so Chris and I decided to make them for dinner. It was such a good decision!

hobo dinner ingredients

ground beef (80% lean)
frozen vegetables (green beans, peas, carrots – whatever you’d like)
carrots (you can use fresh but we just buy a frozen bag that includes carrots)
seasoned salt
seasoned pepper
garlic salt
natures season
salt & pepper
beef bouillon granules
shredded cheddar cheese
*You’ll need aluminum foil.

Make hamburger patties and place in the center of foil. Season with seasoned salt, seasoned pepper, garlic salt, natures season, and 1 spoonful of bouillon granulesSlice onion and put on burger. Thinly slice the corrupts and potatoes. Add frozen veggies. Add salt & paper and a slab of butter (I don’t measure an exact amount). Roll the foil and close tightly.

hobo dinners before they are cooked

Cook on the grill: lid on 10 minutes, lid off 10 minutes, lid on 10 minutes, lid off for 10 minutes
Take off and check – potatoes should be soft and meat cooked through.

Sprinkle cheese on top and let melt (just use as much as you would like, can even leave out if you’d like). Then enjoy! 

finished hobo dinners

Spa Day
Calie had a spa day yesterday. Chris dropped her off at 4 Paws Unleashed where she got to play with the other dogs for a little bit and then get groomed. She looked so nice when she got home I had to share a few pictures.

Golden retriever

Golden retriever
"Look how good I look!"
Golden retriever
Just lying around after her long day

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