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Last night we had Gabby and Kevin over for a little cookout and some softball. Gabby is going to play softball with Chris’ team down at the Sands this summer so we worked on her pitching skills for a while at the park in town. She did great! 🙂 After we (and by we I mean they, I just watched!) played for a bit, we came back to the house for some hot dogs and brats on the grill. I love grilling out and having people over so it was awesome!

I’m a little disappointed that we’re not having a softball team through work this year but it will be nice to just be able to watch. Plus let’s be honest, I have no softball skills so this will be much less embarrassing!

SA softball team photo
2011 Strategic Americans!!

Well, I’m hoping that Chris and I can catch up on The Voice tonight since we’ve missed both nights this week. What did I ever do without DVR!!

Do you play in any rec. leagues?
Do you play to win or play for fun? 


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