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How To Love An American Man

Chris and I headed back to Sioux City this weekend. His Grammie is going through her house prepping for her upcoming move and had a few things to give Chris and Patrick (Chris’ brother). We didn’t have enough room for everything last weekend, hence the second trip. On Saturday we were all sitting around and decided to go get pedicures – and by we I mean Chris, Patrick, their mom, Patrick’s girlfriend Kayla and me. It was Chris’ first time getting a pedicure and he seemed to really enjoy it. His favorite part by far was the massage chair.

painted toe nails
Chris picked "Explosive Orange" for his color

How To Love An American Man
At least with all the time in the car the part couple weeks I’ve had a chance to do quite a bit of reading. This weekend I finished How To Love An American Man by Kristine Gasbarre (Thanks for the great recommendation Emily!). It’s a true story about her life during the year and a half after her grandfather’s death. It focuses on the time she spends with her grandma learning about love, relationships, and most importantly, herself. Krissy is in her late twenties and is desperately looking for the kind of love that her grandparent’s shared. She learned a lot about relationships from her grandma but the most important lesson was that you have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else.

I think this book is a perfect piece for Motivational Monday because it has a great message. It’s a great story for young people, especially women, to read. It is a great example of sharing your life and dreams with another person but being happy enough alone to complete your goals even if you’re on your own.

How To Love An American Man


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