This weekend was so much fun! My mom and aunt came into town and we all went on BRAMCO on Saturday. BRAMCO is the Bike Ride Around Madison County. I’m not going to lie, I definitely struggled through it. I think it was a combination of being out of shape and suffering from this awful head cold I’ve had all week. There were also tons of huge hills that kicked my butt! But we all made it through and had a great time.

Chris standing by the bikes
Chris after the ride
After the ride
Mom, Aunt Mary Ann and I after the ride

This morning we were all sitting around and decided to hit the trails around our house to do a quick 15 mile loop. I felt much better on the bike today and it was a much easier ride. We even stopped for a cocktail at the marina before we headed back to the house. Seriously, who doesn’t love a bloody mary in the morning! Then we drove to Madrid for a bite to eat at the Flat Tire Lounge (which is a super cool place!). We’ve already decided that this fall we’re going to ride the High Trestle Trail from our house to the bridge, stop at Flat Tire then ride back. We’re hoping to do it when it’s a little cooler outside.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!
I’m hoping to have posts up about my last couple of adventures soon (Indy 500 and Kara’s wedding!).


2 thoughts on “BRAMCO”

  1. Woo! So glad you made it! That’s a crazy-far distance so you should be very proud. 🙂 Kevin and I did the High Trestle Trail last weekend and went to the Flat Tire Lounge – so fun!

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