Apple Pie Pockets

I’m getting tired of fixing the same meals over and over so I did some searching yesterday for something new. I didn’t find a main course but I did find a really quick and easy dessert. I found them here and someone had mentioned using apple pie filling on Pinterest.

apple pie pockets

Pillsbury crescent rolls
Apple pie filling
Sugar & cinnamon

I used two crescent rolls for each pie pocket. Press the crescent rolls together. Spoon in the pie filling, fold over the dough and press around the edges. Then roll the pockets in the in the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Bake according to the directions on the rolls (I keep them in for an extra minute or two to make sure the rolls were cooked all the way through).

That’s it! They were that easy. I think next time we’ll have some vanilla ice cream with them 🙂


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