The Christmas Wedding

During the last of our Christmas/New Year’s travels I decided to pick up a book that had been sitting on my shelf for about a year, The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson & Richard DiLallo. The title made it a perfect fit to round out the season. It was such a quick read, I actually finished it in the car before we got home.

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson & Richard DiLalloGaby Summerhill is a window with four grown children who has decided to finally start putting herself first. She is planning her wedding for Christmas day but won’t tell anyone who she is marrying, even the man she has picked! Three men asked her to marry them and the four of them (plus one other woman) have been close friends for many years so they all agree to play about with Gaby’s plan. Her one goal is to bring her whole family together on Christmas. As the story moves along, you learn about each of her children (and their personal struggles) as well as her perspective grooms. Patterson and DiLallo combine a little mystery with a heartwarming tale that reminds us all of what the most important thing is – family.

I could tell you more about the book but I’m not going to ruin the surprise 🙂 Enjoy!

Did you read any good books this holiday season? 


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