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Where is the time going?!

Time always seems to fly by but with everything that is going on in our lives, I have no idea where the last six weeks have gone! We’ve made some progress on the house hunting and the wedding planning which is super exciting. And as much as I love to-do lists, I’m trying to avoid creating lists for everything I have left to do because I would probably have a panic attack. For now, we’re just pushing through things one at a time and trying to enjoy summer between everything else we have going on.

OK, time for some updates!

House Hunting: We found a house that we both loved the minute we walked in. I’m trying not to jump the gun and get too excited because I know nothing is official until after closing but the further we get into the process the more excited I get. At this point we’re working with the bank to get the mortgage paperwork completed and waiting on results of the appraisal. As long as everything keeps moving along, we plan to close August 15 (and take possession on the 17th). Chris and I have spent two Sunday afternoons wandering around Homemakers looking at furniture and possible ideas for the house. I can’t wait to post photos of the house, I love it!

Of course as soon as the home buying process is complete we get to move on to home selling…

Wedding planning: We’ve crossed a few more things off the wedding to-do list recently. There is still a lot to get done but I’m happy that the list is shrinking, even if it is slowly. Here’s the list of completed items (because looking at the completed lists makes me happy/looking at the list of everything left to do stresses me out!):

Ceremony & Reception Venue
Wedding colors
Wedding party is set (still need to talk to our Flower girl)
Caterer (still need to set the menu but they are booked)
Wedding dress
Bridesmaids dresses
Decided on my somethings old, new, borrowed and blue!
Picked out suits for Chris, my dad and the groomsmen – just need the groomsmen to get measured and those will be ordered! (Still need to pick out shoes, ties, and shirts)
Booked DJ
Booked videographer

260 days to go! 🙂

Alright, enough of me rambling on! Here are some photos of our summer so far:

Chris sitting in chair at Homemakers
Furniture shopping
Chris & I at the Indy Car race
Indy Car race in Newton!
Stacy, me and mom
Sunday Funday bike ride with Stacy & Mom
The first boxes are packed!
The first boxes are packed!

Speaking of packing, I feel like it is going to take FOREVER! I’ve never packed up a whole house to move across the state and I feel like I have no idea where to begin. Any moving tips are welcome! 🙂


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