Engagement Photos

Last Thursday, Chris and I FINALLY got around to getting our engagement photos done. I know we’ve been engaged for 10 months but it took so long for a couple of reasons: 1. with everything else going on this summer there’s no way we would have found the time to get them shot and not have been completely stressed and/or exhausted to make it worth it and 2. since we’re getting married in the spring we wanted to get some photos done in the fall.  Fall is both of our favorite season and it worked out perfectly that this was the first time we were able to make it work.

Since we’re not getting married in Sioux City we decided to take our engagement photos here. I did a little research on local photographers and let Chris decide between the ones that I liked. We ended up using Shane Monahan, who was great to work with. Neither of us had met Shane before we did our photos but he made it fun and had some great ideas for places to shoot. Turns out Chris went to high school with Shane’s wife – Sioux City, the land of 3 degrees of separation. I swear, everyone knows everyone else in some way or another! haha I digress…

Shane turned our photos are SO FAST we got them the next day. I love how they turned out and would definitely recommend Shane Monahan Photography to others.

Here are just a few of my favorites – I love them all so it made it really hard to choose! 🙂

Chris & Jess Chris & Jess Jess & Chris Chris & Jess Chris & Jess Chris & Jess

 All photos credited to Shane Monahan at Shane Monahan Photography


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